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Cannabis Review Quarterly

"He loves swimming and running around on the beach but with his huge body, sometimes all those activities can leave him sore." By giving Rooster two treats on the days and nights he's having a hard time, Doyle shared that she has been "pleased" to see that he doesn't appear to have the soreness he used to."


The Reminder

"Now that Pioneer Cannabis Co. is open, Doyle is looking forward to meeting people in town. She said they tailor the menu to everyone and if they do not have a product in stock, they will order it for a customer to have within the week.


“We want to be [like a] high end package store … we can get a product [if a customer wants it],” she said. “Customer service is super important to us.”..."

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The Journal Register

"We checked on the construction of the new dispensary coming to Sturbridge Road in Brimfield and it's coming along nicely! In case you missed last week's paper, the owners shared some thoughts about this milestone business opening in town soon: The town’s first cannabis dispensary has been spending the summer getting ready for its fall debut..."

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