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Building The Barn

The property that now houses your favorite Brimfield dispensary has undergone a massive transformation over the past couple of years. It was purchased in the fall of 2019 and on it sat a dilapidated motel. We had big dreams of what The Barn could (and WOULD) be….but it sure took some time to get there. The first step? Tearing down the motel that unfortunately was far past being saved.

*Luckily, some kind Brimfield residents shared some pictures from the motel and restaurant back when it was in it’s heyday – they are framed in our reception area, make sure you check them out next time you are in!

Once the original structure was gone, site work could be done to prep for "The Barn!" The goal of the building was to make it look like it had always been there and fit in with the rustic Brimfield aesthetic. An open floor plan was a must to ensure customers had a place to shop where they would feel at ease, like they were visiting friends and not like they were in a medical establishment.

The structure was ordered in 2020 and we sure felt the effects of supply chain disruptions from the pandemic....but when we finally saw those beams go up? All the waiting was worth it. The vision was coming to life!

The interior took a LOT of plaster and then a LOT of white paint which took us through the entire fall of 2021. It was all hands on deck to get The Barn finished - even Rooster, the shop dog, pitched in. We got our parking lot paved JUST in time before the cold weather set in for the winter. Seeing that "Pioneer Cannabis Company" sign go up on the front of the building was a VERY special day.

Then came the fun part....dressing up the interior! From the start we'd worked off this sketch - and we had a few 'must-haves' - farmhouse lights, shelving so all products could easily be viewed by customers and a showstopper of a counter.

Construction was officially complete at the end of February and we were thrilled to dive into the business of opening our dispensary!

The wall hangings you see in the shop are all signs and antiques collected from the owner’s decades of being an antique enthusiast. We look forward to continuing to add to the décor after each Flea Market week – hello, July!

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