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Have a 'Very Mary' 4th of July!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

One of the biggest weekends of the summer is upon us, how are you going to celebrate? Whether it's a huge party with all your friends or hike with your best four-legged friend, we've got everything you need for a 'Very Mary' 4th of July! Check out our picks below.

Levia's Celebrate Seltzer

It's hot, it's there anything more refreshing than a cold, lemon-lime seltzer? We think not! Enjoy it on the beach or kicked back at a BBQ - either way, this seltzer gives you the buzz you are looking for without the hangover.

Trailstix's BOOMstixs

Take your pre-roll experience to a whole new level! We've got these 1g infused pre-rolls in both indica AND sativa. Enjoy some fireworks BEFORE the fireworks this weekend!

Southie Adams' Gape Goji Vape Cart

Out and about for the holiday? We suggest the discreet .5 gram Southie Vape Cart - sleek and fits with any 510 thread battery. Grape Goji OG has a unique fruity aroma. It will not only have soothing effects, but will give an uplifted, energetic focus to take on the holiday weekend.

Wana's Pina Colada Gummies

These delicious pineapple and coconut flavored gummies offer 5 - 15 minute we need to say any more than that? ENJOY!

Mile 62's Headband x Memory Loss

A customer FAVORITE on the pre-roll side is now in stock in flower! A sativa leaning hybrid, Headband x Memory Loss brings together two notorious strains in the cannabis community. Headband, rejoiced for potent effects, and Memory Loss, an invigorating and mind-bending cultivar known for powerful sativa-like effects. Sounds like you just found you're 4th of July plans. ENJOY!

However you find yourself celebrating this weekend - we wish you a safe and happy holiday! We'll be open normal hours Saturday and Sunday (10 AM - 8 PM) and we'll be open on Monday, July 4th from 10 AM - 5 PM. If you'd like to order ahead - you can do so here.

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