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It's Labor Day Weekend - Treat Yourself!

We all know that Labor Day means a 3 day weekend, but what exactly are we celebrating? Achievements of American workers…AKA US! So we encourage you to TREAT YOURSELF this weekend, with some much-needed pain relief or just plain old FUN to celebrate all of your hard work throughout the year.

Here are the top 5 products we recommend for you this holiday weekend!

I am Edible, 20:1 CBD Blackberry Gummies: A new Pioneer favorite! These tasty chews are 20mg of CBD and 1mg of THC each. If your back is absolutely aching, eat one of these and experience a much needed sigh of relief within about an hour or so. These gluten-free and vegan chews are the perfect option for those seeking a near THC-free experience.

Treeworks, 10:1 CBD Gentle Drops For those looking for a calm, mellow weekend, Gentle Drops offer a softer and more soothing cannabis experience. Made with a calming, high CBD, low THC formula, Gentle Drops provide just the right effects to softly take the edge off.

Salve It, 2:1 Topical A must have for those who are constantly on their feet! This Salve It topical combines lavender oil with cannabis derived essential oils (terpenes) to give a soothing effect. Linalool (also found in Lavender) is known for it’s relaxing effect and Nerolidol can be pleasantly sedating. Combine all of that with THC distillate and you’ve got a perfect topical for a variety of therapeutic uses.

1906, Chill Drops Stress at the office seem never ending? We have the answer with 1906’s CHILL - swallow one of these cannabis drops, for a fast-acting helping of 25mg of CBD and 5mg THC. Great for stress relief, body tension, and inflammation.

Coast, 1:1 Dark Chocolate What better way to treat yourself than with pain relief AND organic chocolate. With an equal balance of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per triangle, you are sure to experience a fantastic entourage effect, giving you some laughs and sense of peace. As this chocolate is ridiculously delicious we want to make sure to remind you - take your edibles low and slow!

However you choose to enjoy the long weekend - we hope we have the opportunity to see you! As always, you can always check out our menu or place an online order here. We'll be open all weekend (including Monday!). Happy Labor Day Weekend, Pioneers!

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